Our Purpose...

To develop Change Makers everywhere, so they can change their world



The Change Maker Group is a commercial, but ultimately not-for-profit, change consultancy. Using their centuries of experience delivering organisational change, our 30+ highly-skilled change professionals collaborate to achieve our Purpose of developing Change Makers everywhere.


We exist to help organisations and communities develop their own Change Makers by unlocking their hidden change-making potential, enabling people to be the best they can be.

We don't breed dependency with our clients - we build capacity and empower them to make change happen by themselves, for themselves. We are committed to sustainable and ethical practices in everything we do.

Our legacy is empowered, capable and resilient Change Makers who can make change happen now and into the future without the need for long term external support.


We are proud of the unique way we operate and the following values are what drive the way we work.

  • We are commercial but operate like a not-for-profit.

  • We don’t accumulate assets or pay dividends.

  • We work collaboratively, without hierarchy.

  • We have a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

  • We embrace partnerships and share reward.

  • We don't breed dependency with our clients

The Change Maker Group - Who We Are

As an ultimately not for profit organisation, everything we do is in pursuit of our purpose to develop Change Makers. We believe anyone can make change happen, and we want to enable people to  maximise their impact and contribution whether in commercial or non-commercial settings.


We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, thus democratising change so that everyone in business and society can contribute to shaping the future.

Achieving our mission to develop Change Makers everywhere is about much more than commercial work for us. We believe we also have a responsibility to leave a legacy of Change Makers that can shape society. For this reason, we have created The Change Makers Network which aims to Inspire, Develop and Engage Change Makers everywhere around the globe. This is achieved by using our profits to share our materials and learning freely, run free events for Change Makers in charities and voluntary organisations, promote the great things that Change Makers are achieving and so on. 


Further demonstrating our organisational essence and ethos, our Change Maker Profile language and framework reshapes the diversity conversation. This is done by showing how individuals can be valued for their impact – what they do, as opposed to who they are. This creates environments in which anyone, regardless of personal characteristics, background or belief can be recognised and valued for the impact they make on change.



We believe in collaboration not competition. We are proud to have developed fantastic partnerships with organisations that share our vision to create one million Change Makers.

Our partners support us in several ways:

  • Providing 21st Century solutions which assist our work in creating teams of self-managed Change Makers.

  • Helping us to communicate our mission and share our learning with more organisations in both the commercial and community space.

  • Co-creating new approaches to delivering change and transformation.

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Astrid Davies
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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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