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FPL Programme Materials

This page shows the materials from the Future Proof Leadership programme and supporting information. It is updated regularly. If you would like to talk about anything please email simon@thechangemakergroup.com and he'll get straight back to you.

Welcome to the programme


Being a Change Maker (Parts I and II)



Excellent Communication

Mind Chi

Leading with Influence

The Art of Thinking

Leading Change

Overview of The Change Maker Profile

30 second summary

(Webinar 26/1/18)

The Change

Maker Profile

What kind of change maker are you?

The Change Maker Profile helps people understand their personal preferences in respect of change and life in general. With this knowledge it is possible to put together fantastic game-changing and change-making teams, develop those teams and the people within them, and a lot more. 

The Laws of Change e-book

We wrote the free "Laws of Change" e-book to help readers think about the things that really matter when going through change.

Download it by clicking on the link below.

Smart Mirror Coaching

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a coach available whenever you needed them? Someone who can help you think through a knotty problem without the need to sign up for regular sessions?


Smart Mirror Coaching has been designed to be just that. Sign-up for a single session or a batch of sessions, for an individual or for a team to drawdown, with coaching sessions being available at short-notice. It is quick and inexpensive, with sessions on the phone or Skype.

The Change Maker Programme

Your organisation is on a never-ending journey of change. We used to say, ‘Change is the new norm’ and it is as true today, but 80% of organisations still aren’t developing their people for this crucial need.


For leaders, this must be like pushing most of your people up hill all the time! Imagine if you had a team of Change Makers, what a difference that would make. And the good news is that you do!


The Change Maker Programme develops the skills and qualities necessary to empower your organisation’s Change Makers.  


DELTΔ provides a means of delivering your change project. It is totally aligned to your project and programme management methodologies of choice.

Our five phase DELTΔ Model involves all stakeholders and builds resilience to thrive during change

Diagnose - Understanding where we are and where we need to go.

Engage - engaging people in the process and implications of change.

Lead - developing the leadership capabilities to deliver the change.

Transform - undertaking the change

Accelerate - ensuring the change is sustainable and ensuring the organisation is fit for the future

Change Wisdom

Whilst most of our Change Makers were already published authors, we published our first book as The Change Maker Group in December 2017. We called it "Change Wisdom" to reflect the content - it was an immediate #1 bestseller on Amazon.

The title came from a discussion about the variety of ideas, concepts, insights and paradigm-challenging thoughts the 12 authors had packed into their chapters.

"Change Wisdom" covers subjects ranging from strategic development, change alchemy, through dealing with issues in a VUCA world, to personal wellbeing, change communications and people engagement, gender bias, and dealing with conflict.

The book is available globally on Amazon in Kindle (just 0.99 GBP or equivalent) and paperback.


We offer coaching (and mentoring) in a range of forms.

Coaching is all about developing people and teams, enhancing their skills and abilities, improving their performance and well-being. It is useful for all levels of experience and seniority.

We offer a range of services, with different approaches and sometimes varied objectives. These include;

  • Traditional 1:1 coaching - typically for individual leaders and managers

  • Smart Mirror Coaching - on-demand coaching and mentoring

  • Co-coaching establishment - setting up a coaching approach across your organisation that builds trust and mutual support

  • Personal resilience and wellbeing - training and support

  • Team coaching and mentoring

  • Consulting


To find our more about our coaching services, just drop us an email and one of our coaches will contact you. 

Creating Change Makers

Our Mission is to create a million change makers.

We do this in so many ways.

We train, we coach, we consult, we write, we speak, we teach, we think, we share. 

For instance, in the last 6 months our Change Makers have written books and articles (including ours), developed leaders and teams, coached, trained, consulted on a wide range of subjects, developed tools and services, and much more.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

© The Change Maker Group 2020. All rights reserved.

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227a West St, Fareham

PO16 0HZ, UK

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