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The Change Makers Network


Achieving our Purpose to develop Change Makers everywhere so they can change their world is about much more than commercial work for us. We believe we also have a responsibility to leave a legacy of Change Makers that can shape society, doing great things for people in their communities, countries and regions. We invest our profits in The Change Makers Network to help us achieve this.


The network:


  • Inspires Change Makers – We share and applaud great work by Change Makers everywhere. For instance we use the hashtag #TurnOnChange on social media to highlight Change Makers' achievements, and have created Change Maker U.

  • Develops Change Makers – We share the work of Change Makers globally on social media and provide our material and thinking freely through our website, Change Makers SmartUp microlearning communityand Forum on Facebook. We have a longer-term plan to create a Change Makers Academy for young people to develop change-making skills to apply in a mainly social context.


  • Engages Change Makers – We connect Change Makers through simple things like LinkedIn and Facebook groups, but we plan to go further by developing means by which they can connect and collaborate in a broader context. This will help us to grow the network of Change Makers around the world.

Engaging Change Makers



In April 2019 we launched our totally FREE Change Makers micro-learning community. 


The Change Makers community is supported by our partners at SmartUp, and it provides learning and inspiration to Change Makers wherever you are around the world. So if you are doing great things in your community, charity, voluntary organisation or wherever, we want to help as many people as possible be the best Change Makers they can be.


You just need access to the internet on a smartphone, tablet or browser. 


  • On your Smartphone or tablet – search for and download the SmartUp Learn app from your app store. Type in the community name -  changemakers.smartup.io - and sign-up.​


Signing up is easy - you just need an email address or use your social media login. 

There's no charge or subscription cost. Just sign up!

You then have access to a growing library of learning materials, all about being a Change Maker!

You can access the microlearning modules in any order, and start and stop them as you please. Each module is intended to take between 5 and 10 minutes, making them perfect for filling a few free minutes with some focused learning. We’ll be adding new modules over time, so there will always be something to learn, and something relevant to your activities.


To make the community even more useful, anyone can create learning modules for other Change Makers – we all have different skills and experience and we are keen for everyone to share what they know and what will be useful for Change Makers around the world. Additionally, you can share modules with other people with the social media links helping you spread the learning. The world needs Change Makers more than ever, and this is a way that we can all help.


Did we mention The Change Makers Micro-learning Community is free? Tell others.

We would like millions of Change Makers to benefit.

Our Forum for Change Makers

We want to Inspire, Develop, and Engage Change Makers. So we have established a Facebook Group for The Change Makers Network. You'll find discussion, access to development materials, a mentoring programme and much more.

It's easy to join - just press the button (a Facebook account is required).


You may have seen that we share our thinking and ideas freely on social media, our website and specifically the Insights page and elsewhere. We use the hashtags #thechangemakers and #TurnOnChange - you can too! We also shared many detailed insights into the world of change in our book "Change Wisdom", which is available for less than £1/$1.50 on Kindle.


We do this for a reason - we want Change Makers to engage with their challenges and have access to ideas and support to help them cope, come up with new ways of achieving their goals, and ultimately be the best Change Makers they can be.

We genuinely want to help - if you have a question or an idea send us an email network@thechangemakergroup.com.


We would love to hear from you.


As part of our mission to develop Change Makers everywhere, we commit to deliver a two-hour Change Maker U workshop for a local charity or community group of our client's choosing in every piece of work we undertake.


Change Maker U is all about supporting and encouraging the development of Change Makers who can deliver change that benefits society. It's a fun and interactive workshop that inspires people to make a greater social impact by being the best Change Maker they can be. There are Change Makers everywhere who are striving to do great things, and through Change Maker U we want to help.


Change Maker U is delivered at no cost to our clients or their chosen beneficiary and is carried out using The Change Maker Group’s own resources.

And it's not limited to client introductions - if you are involved with a charity or volunteer organisation that would benefit from a Change Maker U workshop, please get in touch.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

© The Change Maker Group 2020. All rights reserved.

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227a West St, Fareham

PO16 0HZ, UK

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