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The Change Maker Programme is a ground-breaking approach to supercharging the ability of organisations to make lasting change happen.


Develop any individual within your organisation to be able to contribute to change, no matter what role they perform or what level they work at.

The Change Maker Programme is our game-changing development programme that creates confident, skilled and resilient Change Makers who are able to deliver change in your organisation without long term external support. 


Build your own team of Change Makers, using your current resources.


The Change Maker Programme does exactly that.


It is designed to unlock the potential for individuals to make change happen by ensuring they feel confident that they have the skills and qualities to manage the impact of change and to make a positive contribution to change in your team and organisation. 

The Change Maker Programme impact

  • Creating your own internal change-making resource to allow your organisation to make change happen without long term external support.

  • Developing teams of capable, resilient and creative Change Makers, using the people you already have.

  • Blending purpose and values of your organisation with individuals so they can understand and contribute to the big picture

  • Applying a transition process to embed a permanent continuous improvement for change

  • Enhancing the engagement and motivation of each individual to positively contribute to making change happen for their area of expertise

  • Unlocking the potential of individuals to contribute to and deliver change.

  • Your people know and apply their individual role as a Change Maker

  • Understanding of the change curve and how to support the stages of change

  • Building personal and team resilience 

  • Identifying and encouraging stakeholder involvement

  • Learning a powerful and effective communication tool to build understanding

  • Developing leadership skills


The Change Maker Programme equips individuals with an understanding of how they make an impact on change, how to make change happen and how to be resilient in the face of resistance and challenge. Each of the three days is a rich learning experience, providing a unique opportunity to learn, reflect and take action on change issues. A fourth day is available for in-house courses.



  • Understand what a Change Maker is

  • Identify your personal intent for being a Change Maker

  • Gain insight into your own impact on change and its value

  • Begin to discover how to be the best Change Maker you can be 

  • Recognise what Change looks and feels like


  • Identifying and engaging stakeholders  

  • Collaboratively leading and influencing your change

  • How to approach your Change Project

  • Engaging people in successful change

  • Making your change sustainable 



  • Know how to listen, engage & communicate for Change effectively

  • Feel responsible for making a difference   

  • Discover how to boost your own & others resilience 

  • Know how to remove road blocks  

  • Enhance your road map for Change  

  • Understand the continued role of your Change Maker Journal 


Day 4 - CHANGE MAKER ACTION (in-house)


  • Assessment of integration, application and support of Change Maker skills

  • Targeted development for current change projects

  • Any specifically identified skill development

  • Discussion, problem solving and refinement of Strategy Pod Project work.


If any of these criteria apply to your organisation, The Change Maker Programme will help you. 

  • If you have a need or desire to make change happen. 

  • If you would like to get all of your teams delivering or contributing to change. 

  • If you would like to increase your organisation's resilience in the face of change.

  • If you would like to create your own internal change capability to ensure your organisation is equipped for the future.

  • If any individual and any level expresses an interest in contributing to the positive progression of change. 




Each delegate receives:

  • A Change Maker Profile to discover their impact and contribution to change, plus one-to-one feedback.  

  • A communication style profile, with it’s application to understanding, supporting and enhancing change communications. 

  • A ‘Colour me Resilient’ pack to craft 8 bespoke resilience strategies  

  • 12 months’ subscription to our microlearning platform providing personalised, sustainable learning and development.  

  • A personal Change Maker Journal to strengthen change-making experience, reflective application and learning.  

  • Our Amazon best-selling book ‘Change Wisdom’ with insights from twelve successful Change Makers.  

  • The DELTA pack - information on a unique approach to any change activity, project or transformation including a full description of how you can use your strengths to make change happen at every stage of the journey. 

  • A certificate of completion of the Change Maker Programme.


The Change Maker Programme is unique in its coverage of the skills and mind sets to become an effective Change Maker. Further, by conducting the 4 days (3 for an 'open'course) over 4 - 6 months, participants have time to integrate, practice, reflect and apply what they have learned. The programme is highly participatory, practical and pragmatic, creating a legacy of integrated Change Makers.

The Change Maker Programme is designed to ensure confidence in the skills and qualities to manage the impact of change on a personal level and to make a positive contribution to change in your team and organisation. 

The programme uses the best and latest information from evidence-based research, neuroscience and our team’s in-depth experience as leaders and as facilitators of change, coaches and business consultants.

The Programme blends practical tools and techniques, insightful personal profiling and feedback, shared action learning, real life case studies and reflective learning – a highly effective combination for optimal learning. 



We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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