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Our coaching and mentoring team hold a range of qualifications from bodies such as the ICF, Association for Coaching, Ashridge Business School, The Performance Coach, the ILM, and the British Psychological Society

We use a range of profiling and assessment tools as required including; The Change Maker Profile, Clarity4D, MBTI, Belbin, Strengths Deployment Inventory, StrengthsScope and Motivate Cards.

Astrid Davies

About Astrid


Astrid is a proven executive coach, consultant and event facilitator with over 30 years’ experience in leading teams to measurably improved performance. Her background spans local authority senior management; cross-sector strategic partnership facilitation; innovation and leadership in the property industry; high street retail management; and consultancy in change management, programme delivery and community development. The latter includes contributing to a regional project in Ukraine funded by the British Embassy. This broad experience all features the facilitation of successful delivery against a background of complex, high-profile and politically-charged environments.



- Inspiring teams to innovate and deliver measurable service improvements

- Coaching and mentoring leaders to enhanced personal impact and confidence

- Project and Programme Management

- Organisational change and outsourcing

- Train-the-trainer leadership and team coaching

- Training up-and-coming leaders in leadership theory, technique and practical skills

- Mentoring female leaders

- Developing and embedding resilience and flexibility, particularly in a climate of constant change


“Insightful and interesting. The workshop with Astrid allowed us to explore each other’s work style preferences and understand each other’s personality traits. This will enable us to utilise our respective strengths and support each other’s weaknesses to maximise team performance. The outcome – a clear strategy with achievable short and long term goals. We also had bags of fun. A brilliant team building experience. Highly recommended”.

Cathy Summers

About Cathy


Cathy is an executive coach, consultant and facilitator with over 25 years’ experience in leadership, team and career development. Her background includes NHS senior management; management consultancy; recruitment and selection; and commissioned service in the Royal Air Force as an Air Traffic Control Officer and Leadership Trainer. Cathy has personal experience of the leadership challenges of working in complex, fast moving and changing environments, including merger and restructure and has worked in the public, private and not-for-profit sector. Cathy set up her coaching and consultancy business, Inspired4Life Coaching in 2006.



  • Developing leaders and managers, transitioning leadership levels

  • Career change, mid-career reviews, outplacement, career development

  • Leading change, impact and influence

  • Developing coaching skills

  • Personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Developing confidence

  • Developing women leaders and managers, women entrepreneurs

  • Transitioning from employment to self-employment


“Having been coached by Cathy and employed Cathy to coach others I have experienced the high impact that she can have in a short space of time. She is a fantastic professional, providing kind and direct challenge that ensures your personal and professional needs are addressed quickly but with lasting effects.  She brings light and warmth to her interactions, which makes her a pleasure to work with. She provides a wonderful balance between support and growth and I wholly recommend her.”

- Dr Victoria Downing-Burn

Deputy Director of HR at the Royal United Hospital, Bath

Celia Bourne

About Celia

Celia has been coaching executives for over 30 years in public and private sector organisations as well as academia. In addition to coaching she also provides consultancy and facilitates learning events focused on change and behavioural skills.  With a background starting in civil engineering Celia has been a senior manager, organisational development and change leader in BTplc supporting their business reengineering and 50% staff reduction. Since managing herself out of that organisation she has run her own company providing learning and development solutions to organisations since 1994.  




  • Personal effectiveness and productivity

  • Developing Communication and Emotional Intelligence

  • Developing leaders and managers, transitioning leadership levels

  • Career change getting through the recruitment and selection processes. 

  • Leading change, impact and influence

  • Developing people management skills 

  • Developing women leaders and managers

  • Transitioning from employment to self-employment

  • Dealing with bullying and harassment

  • Developing resilience.

David Walker

About David

David has been a programme director and change management consultant for over 20 years. His background extends across sectors and functional specialisms, delivering significant change programmes as well as mentoring and guiding the people working within those programmes, and stakeholders affected by change. Apart from holding the Managing Successful Programmes “Advanced Practitioner” certification, David is also a qualified accountant.




With the variety of his background, David has worked with people from all professional and personal walks of life. He has mentored and coached across a range of change-related subjects including;


- Managing change and engagement

- Governance and control at a corporate and project/programme level

- Resilience in leading change

- Strategy

- Developing change leaders and change makers

- Planning

- Setting the case for change

- Financial control

- Organisational design and development


“David's first challenge was joining an established team of scientists who were beginning to identify a possible transformation programme - something none of us had ever been involved in before. However, his easy-to-work-with personality, tenacity and ability to understand new areas of work allowed him to become one of the team very quickly. He managed to keep us focussed on the project management and non-science side of the programme (I should think it was like herding cats at times) and helped me personally to develop some important key skills. David was very supportive across all areas of the diverse programme, providing mentoring on a regular basis and using his influencing skills on a number of occasions to drive the programme forward. It was a pleasure, an experience and also a lot of fun to work with David through a very difficult and challenging programme.”


- Gaynor Gosling

Senior Forensic Scientist

John Hackett, B.A. (Hons)

About John Hackett

John has over 10 years experience in management roles delivering change in processes, business systems and people. As well as managing two frontline Contact Centres, he has worked as a business analyst, run key corporate projects and delivered radical redesigns of services.


John is the founder of the Change Alchemy approach to business transformation. His approach is based around nuanced insight into the interplay between individual skills and behaviour, their contribution to team dynamics and their effect on the way work is designed and delivered.


John uses this insight to drive individual performance potential by building self-esteem through an understanding of professional competence, increasing self-awareness and enhancing motivation. His coaching approach is warm and personable, while being challenging and action-focussed.




  • Developing leaders and managers

  • Building professional self-esteem 

  • Driving performance improvement

  • Leading change

  • Coping with Change

  • Developing entrepreneurship

  • Executive coaching

“John worked with us to implement culture change within the Customer Service Centre. Johns professionalism, project management skills and results driven focus ensured the project was successfully delivered on time and in budget with continuous communication and reporting to all the key stakeholders. John's skills would be an asset to any organisation.”

Lisa Pierson

About Lisa


Lisa is a multi-award winning coach, facilitator and mentor, qualified and highly experienced with a proven track record for success. Working with individuals and teams to improve their performance, enhance confidence and communication. Her style is honest and authentic, yet challenging and creative.



Identifying ‘core values’ for individuals and organisations, is fundamentally where her passion lies, once these are established, she is skilled at creating innovate ways to encourage and support people on how to make choices which create harmony and confidence.

In particular, Lisa's coaching helps her clients improve:

  • Communication Skills

  • Personal Growth

Malcolm Follos

About Malcolm

Malcolm is a proven specialist in working with leaders and their teams around the world. He helps leaders engage human performance to deliver strategically significant results. An accomplished management consultant, executive coach, leadership team facilitator, key note conference speaker, author and renowned trainer Malcolm's consultancy career has enabled him to work with senior executives and top teams from some of the world's leading organisations.



  • Provide executive coaching to senior leaders and leadership teams  looking to further develop their leadership skills 

  • Give additional support and experienced guidance to people tasked with leading a change programme. 

  • Develop Leaders who are new to role and are looking for the skills, knowledge and confidence to take up their new role. 

“The approach Malcolm took on my breakthrough coaching journey has been very useful for me, as it touched on many relevant aspects of my leadership style. In addition to putting leadership in a broad theoretical context, the real life feedback that was included from people I daily work with made it very tangible. The colleague feedback was done both at the start and after a 6 months period, and made it possible to track the progress. Most importantly, I have learned that in a relatively short time scale, it is possible to improve and adopt new leadership skills, which was a breakthrough for me.”

- Carlo Van Den Burgh

R&D Director, Household Care

Nicky Carew

About Nicky

Nicky has 30 years’ experience working with senior executives to develop their skills to manage in an increasingly complex environment through executive coaching, co-coaching and bespoke development programmes.  She has developed an executive coaching and development practice covering different industries and sectors helping individuals to flourish in organisations including media, finance, technology and the public sector. This has enabled her to cross-pollinate ideas and understand different working models.  


The challenging executive and business coaching relationship she builds encourages self-realisation; the individual understands the problems they are facing and create positive change.  



Nicky is a coaching expert and has spent her career supporting people with the following:  

  • Executive Coaching 

  • Developing leaders and managers 

  • Leading change 

  • Coping with Change 

  • Developing a coaching culture 

  • Co-coaching / Peer Coaching programmes 

  • Career counselling, career transition, career development 

“Good questioning to open up the real issues that can lurk below the surface.  This never felt heavy handed, and I felt like I reached the conclusion myself.  A bit like peeling an onion and discovering the new layers of meaning.”

Richard Flewitt

About Richard

Richard works with business leaders across all sectors both individually and as a leadership team to facilitate the right culture and attitude to underpin change.  With a varied background including journalism, corporate messaging, TV Production, communications, leadership development and non-executive directorships Richard brings new ideas, processes and challenges to the leadership environment.



As a career communicator, Richard offers coaching and mentoring to leaders on how best to engage employees in the change process and encourage them to be part of the change journey. He has worked across a range of change-related subjects including:


  • Mission, Vision and values

  • Culture change

  • Corporate Communications

  • Employee engagement

  • Resilience in leading change

  • Strategic direction

  • Developing change leaders and change makers

  • Organisation development and design

“I came away from our session with the greatest level of clarity, passion & excitement I have had since first setting the business up 16 years ago.  Significantly, and within a very short space of time, I was able to once again see past the clutter and experiences Q4’s journey and reconnect with an enormous sense of clarity & purpose. What a huge relief to be able to articulate my business purpose so clearly, once again”
- MD

Q4 Solutions

Simon Phillips FRSA, FCIPD

About Simon

Simon is the Founder of The Change Maker Group and has been coaching aspiring executives for 18 years. He is the inventor of the 5 Minute Mentor process and combines his coaching skills with real experience of what it takes to make an impact, develop key relationships and maintain strong performance. Simon’s career began in the ground-breaking Change Management practice at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and he has been delivering and supporting change ever since. 



He has worked at all levels from graduate trainees to executives to develop their careers and maintain work-life harmony. Specifically he has coached through issues as diverse as:  

- understanding and maximising personal strengths 

- personal effectiveness

- game-changing teams 

- strategy 

- developing change leaders and change makers 

- building new executive confidence 

- organisational development & culture change. 

“Simon has been acting as my performance coach for several months on someone’s recommendation and my experience so far is that he is simply brilliant.  He is able to understand and relate very quickly and provide guidance and advice on what he believes to be the root cause and a way to move forward; on both fronts he has always been right.  Applying his advice has positively changed my behaviours in a way that a book cannot and I hope to continue working with him as changing and increasing performance is not a simple switch but a developmental journey.”

- Naminder Dhami

Programme Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

Vanda North

About Vanda

Vanda has been a mentor and coach in business and education for the past 40 years. She has specialised in teaching people the process of mentoring as a way of enhancing both the mentor and mentee’s lives to manage the constant change we all face. To this end she has written books and trained thousands internationally.



Travelling as extensively as Vanda has, provided the opportunity to work with many different cultures, mentoring for the full range of professional, business and personal levels. At the heart of any mentoring and coaching is change. Discovering ways to not only manage, but thrive and drive change, creates a very positive impact in a person’s life. 

“Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. For your guidance and inspiration. For being there when it counts. I so appreciate all you have done to help me make the personal changes necessary, to get my business focused and to complete and publish my book. Quite a series of undertakings and I am so proud of the work I have done and the success it has achieved. Thank you!” 


- Sarah Haywood

author & business owner

Zoryna O'Donnell

About Zoryna

Zoryna is a highly skilled executive coach with 30 years of experience of leading innovation, change and transformation in public, voluntary and private sector organisations in different countries. She is a Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Mentor of the Warwick Business School (WBS) Mentoring Programme, providing career coaching, mentoring and advice to individual students and graduates of the Warwick Business School MBA Programme.

Since 2017, as an expert in local government and community development, she is contributing to a number of projects funded by the UK Embassy in Ukraine.

Zoryna is also an author and co-author of numerous books and articles, and a contributor to Psychreg - a Highly Commend Blog (UK Blog Awards 2018) and one of the 10 Most Influential Psychology Blogs in the world; and to The Best Brain Possible blog dedicated to mental health.



- Executive and management coaching, mentoring and training

- Resilience and wellbeing coaching, training and one-to-one and group therapy

- Career coaching

- Change management consulting, coaching, mentoring and training

- Project management consulting, coaching, mentoring and training

- Service design/improvement/recovery consulting and training

- Multi-agency and multi-disciplinary partnership working and governance

“I have worked with Zoryna in both group and one to one settings and she is an excellent facilitator. Zoryna's coaching, skill development and bespoke approach lead to achieving great results”.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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