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Smart Mirror Coaching is our innovative, easy to access, cost and time effective alternative to formal face-to-face coaching programmes. It's designed for busy change leaders and managers like you who want access to high quality, professional development when you need it.

Smart Mirror Coaching is a game-changing coaching proposition. Wouldn't it be great if you had an experienced coach available whenever you or your team needed them? Someone who can help you think through a knotty problem, in the moment, without the need to sign up for regular sessions?

Smart Mirror Coaching does exactly that. We provide you with access to an experienced Change Maker, a professional coach who can help you or your team deal with a change issue at the time that suits you.


There's no need to sign up for a coaching contract and no need to commit to extensive costs. Smart Mirror Coaching lets you decide when you need support and allows you to get that support when it matters the most.

Smart Mirror Coaching gives you or your team members:

  • Fast and effective access to someone you trust who can help you tackle a change issue at the time it matters most.

  • No commitment to long term coaching contracts.

  • High-impact support without long term commitment.

  • Low costs and total flexibility.

  • Complete confidentiality at all times.


Smart Mirror Coaching is a simple and flexible service to use. Here's how it works.




Register for the Smart Mirror Coaching service. Click the button below to register your interest and, if this is our first conversation, we will set up a no obligation, strategy call at a mutually convenient time. The purpose of this initial call is to get to know each other and discuss your current situation and likely coaching needs. This call will last no more than 30 minutes and in it we will agree a suitable way forward that is carefully tailored to suit you.

Access the service when you need it by sending an email, text or voicemail suggesting a suitable time to talk and share a brief synopsis of the topic / issue you want to discuss. You will get a response within 24 hours from your personal Change Maker coach and a possible referral if there is someone with even greater expertise in the team to support you with your specific challenge.


Get your coaching with your Change Maker via Skype or telephone, after which we will send you a summary of the key points discussed and actions agreed.

It's that easy.


Payment for Smart Mirror Coaching couldn't be easier.


In our first call we will agree the number of sessions you want for yourself or your team and the cost, or if you prefer, we can agree a ‘pay as you use’ approach where you pay for each session as and when you use it.


We will get the administration done up-front so that there are no delays accessing the service.


The Change Maker Group coaches are highly experienced and knowledgeable change professionals.

We will always seek to connect you with a Change Maker who has either personally experienced the challenge you are facing or supported someone through a similar situation.