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Welcome to Mind Chi – Resilience for Change

A message from Vanda North...

Mind Chi, Chi and I are all very excited by our new partnership with The Change Maker Group and hope you will receive even more from the support, ideas, and interesting topics we share.

How it all started:

For those of you who may be new to Mind Chi, it was born in 2004 after I had completed a world tour and discovered how people were suffering from stress, but didn’t have ‘time’ to do any of the classic stress reducing activities. So I sat down with a dear friend and colleague, Richard Israel,  and over a ‘cup of tea in a tinkling tea cup’, we began the idea of a highly condensed, easy to do, powerful and positively effective routine they could offer as a possible solution. 

After testing and refining the process, we were down to the 8 most important steps, building together to cover all aspects necessary. Then a lovely coincidence with an associate from the past, Sarah Sutton, asking if I had any books to be published? ‘Yes, please!’ and so with Wiley Capstone in 2008, Mind Chi was born!  

After this I traveled the world with the book, now in 8 languages, bringing Mind Chi to those who had stimulated the initial idea. Sadly, Richard died a few years ago, and lives on every time someone feels the benefit of doing the Mind Chi routine.

In 2015 I started to work / create / conspire with Simon Phillips and so became a founding member of The Change Maker Group. It is such a natural partnership, as change nearly always causes stress and by linking the two together, it enhances and extends the offerings The Change Maker Group can present.

Mind Chi is at the heart of ‘Resilience for Change’ and so Chi and I have a new place to live! We are very excited as ten of the Change Makers are also wanting to become Mind Chi Mentors, so assistance with managing the strain of stress and building resilience coping strategies will be able to spread further. 



Change is often synonymous with stress and reduced performance; this can sabotage the best of plans.


A resilient organisation is one where all involved possess the knowledge and skills to remain tenacious, hopeful, productive and resilient throughout difficult times.

How do you build a resilient organisation? Start by addressing the elephant in the room by building communication, understanding and support within and across teams.

The ‘Resilience for Change’ programme is designed to maximise the productivity and potential of every Change Maker - that is everyone in your organisation - to the highest sustainable level.

The programme is crafted to meet your needs, and may be delivered on-site or remotely.

Mind Chi is an intrinsic part of our Resilience for Change programme. It is a simple and very powerful unique 8-step/minute routine, which builds resilience and peak performance.

Here is an example of how you may gain control over you by checking and choosing your BEAT - these are steps 5 and 6 of the 8-step Mind Chi routine.


The impact of the Resilience for Change programme:

  • Productivity from all members of your organisation is heightened

  • Specific coping strategies applied to all work (and personal) situations

  • Interactions enhanced by using each individual’s communication style

  • Teamwork enriched by applying the five Change Maker inclinations to effective impact

  • Leadership skills boosted with increased engagement and motivation

  • Company goodwill encouraged at personal and professional levels

  • Time off sick, absenteeism, stress, burnout and turnover, reduced

  • ‘Joy @ Work’ developed with appropriate work/life balance

  • A workforce who feel that they will be resilient through any change situation.

  • Self-confidence improved, and thereby often less absenteeism

  • 'Can do’ and ‘Will do’ behaviours of motivation augmented

Training manager from financial sector: ‘…this should be a standard/mandatory course for all employees to go on and should certainly be offered on Training Central.’


‘Resilience for Change’ is a powerful, pragmatic programme designed to impact and influence the ability to manage the strain from the stressors faced today.  

It provides the skills, tools and mind-sets to build individual and team resilience. The goal is to ensure confidence in the skills and qualities to manage the results of change on a personal level and to make a positive contribution to your team and organisation. ​

‘Resilience for Change’ enjoys the best and latest information from evidence-based research, neuroscience, eudemonics (the study of happiness) and our team’s in-depth experience as leaders and as facilitators of change resilience, coaches and business consultants.

​Further, it blends practical tools and techniques, insightful personal profiling and feedback, shared action learning, real life case studies and reflective learning. The result is a highly effective combination to achieve optimal learning and the building of company resilience and ‘bounceability’ (that is the ability to recover after a setback). 

You have the option to bring Mind Chi - Resilience for Change in-house with your own team of resilience builders.


‘Resilience for Change’ is designed to be a part of The Change Maker Programme. It is the practical application of the ‘so what?’ of discovering the individual Change Maker Role and preferred communication style. Now it is also presented as a standalone programme, bespoked to meet your needs. 


In either case the sessions provide a rich learning experience through the use of all learning modalities; brain friendly presentations to enhance memory; and extensive interaction and participation. These develop personal awareness and help individuals to understand how to build strong teams. There is also the possibility for time to reflect and create personalised action plans.

There are several unique aspects to ‘Resilience for Change’, they include:

1.      The Change Maker Profile
2.      Clarity4D
3.      ‘Colour Me Resilient’; and
4.      The Mind Chi 8-step stress and resilience routine



Depending on the programme selection, delegates will receive:

  • An e-copy of the book, ‘Mind Chi – rewire your brain in 8-minutes a day – 50 strategies for success in life & business’ 

  • The Change Maker Profile to discover their contribution to change  

  • A communication style profile, with its application to understanding, supporting and enhancing change resilience

  • A ‘Colour me Resilient’ pack to craft 8 bespoke resilience strategies  

  • 12 months’ subscription to our micro-learning platform which offers personalised, sustainable learning and help in reinforcing ideas and concepts 

  • A personal Change Maker Journal to strengthen change resilience observations through reflection and learning

  • A 30-day support and reinforcement e-learning, with day by day tracker to show your progress

  • Our Amazon best-selling book ‘Change Wisdom’ with insights from twelve successful Change Makers 

  • The additional option for a package of ‘Smart Mirror Coaching’ for on-demand assistance, and

  • A certificate of completion of the ‘Resilient for Change’ Programme.


Our ‘Resilience for Change’ programme:


  • Helps people who need to operate at peak productivity

  • Covers all organisational levels to enable a supportive structure

  • Reduces the stress and burnout of all employees

  • Builds bounceability and resilience across the organisation

  • Is for every organisation that needs to be more resilient 



Our ‘Resilience for Change’ programme involves:

The Mind Chi book - (coming soon!)

Chi - (coming soon!)

Author, Vanda North -(coming soon!)

Mind Chi Mentors - (coming soon!)




We are looking forward to hearing from you!

© The Change Maker Group 2020. All rights reserved.

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227a West St, Fareham

PO16 0HZ, UK

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