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The 8 Festive Holiday Horrors and how to change them to Joys with Mind Chi!

Vanda North is a personal resilience guru. She has written a series of articles about coping with the stresses of the festive season - this article is a summary. Read the full set of articles here.


The tempo is increasing, are you starting to feel the strain from all the 'holiday' stressors and pressures piling up on you?

What are the 8 Festive Holiday Horrors?

1. What it COSTS (especially THIS year!) 2. How much FOOD is about! 3. Dealing with all these RELATIONS / friends etc. (or NOT!) 4. How much TIME it all takes! 5. All the DRINKS available! 6. Your APPEARANCE for the holidays. 7. All the TEMPTATION all the time! 8. All the 'SHOULDs' and 'AUGHTs'.

And because it can be SO horrible, we've added another... 9. Expecting to be the perfect EVERYTHING for everyone. How to have Festive Holiday Joys & Happiness....

1. STOP - yes, just STOP and think for a minute. Look at the BIG picture, what REALLY matters? And turn stuff OFF!

2. Say 'NO!' - But ever so nicely! Take CONTROL, act not RE-Act.

3. 'Just cos' is no reason –ASK WHY? Why do I do this? Is it what I really want?

4. PUSH BACK - against all the commercial/historic pressures. Every day just lean into time and make some time for yourself.

5. Remember YOUR ATTITUDE is the only thing you can change. Check that your attitude is helping you, be realistically positive. YOU are in control.

6. Start to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN - just 8 minutes a day with Mind Chi. Learn the simple 8 step/minute routine of Mind Chi.

7. BREATHE - if you feel stressed, breathe several deep full breaths, that is all you need to grab your reins of control back.

8. Concentrate on your GRATITUDE attitude - brings peace & energy. Take a minute to think of all the good things in your life and because we have so many more ways to thrive, we've added another...

9. You have immense power, so keep it and use it! It is your POWER - don't give it away to the media and others.

Why not be Stress-free, Joy-filled and full of Glee with Mind Chi?'


Read all Vanda North's articles about the Festive Holiday Horrors here

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