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Moving along the change curve : Mike O'Dell

We've launched our new change curve survey on our website homepage. Mike O'Dell talks about his journey.


Having been around for a while now (as evidenced by loss of hair, the remnants of which have turned silver!) I have experienced a lot of change, some of it self-initiated, some of it not.

The stuff I have initiated has generally been easier to handle and my take is that it’s because I like to be in control and steering my own passage.

But whether I’ve started it or not, the pattern is always the same and flows through the change curve as defined by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

And recognising that is what always happens has helped me to react and adapt to any major changes, because I know it’s normal to feel that way and I also now know that embracing those feelings and then engaging with my coping tools, in my case sitting back to rationalise, testing some ideas with trusted collaborators/family/friends and then planning a pathway, to get me to the other side, as in my happy place in the “new normal”.

And I have also found that by doing this I get to the “new normal” much more speedily and with less hassle or pain on the way – much as I enjoy experiencing the journey, I do also prefer being there!


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