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More dealing with stress (or... How NOT to be boiled alive like a frog! - part 2)

The last part of her three part series of articles, Vanda North writes more about how to recognise and deal with stress.

There is a story which says that if you put a frog in cold water and then slowly heat it, it just stays there and quietly boils to death! (Note: NO frogs were hurt because of this article.)

In Part 1 I covered the aspects of: insomnia; anger; fear and sickness, below I provide a survival kit for the remaining four boil point killers!

5. Your workplace is noisy and / or distracting

In the new ‘open space’ style offices there are many aspects which make concentration and work joy much more difficult. If there is noise, movement and flickering florescent lights interfering with your mind, all of these can wear you down. These intrusions may also cause unnecessary tension and headaches, this means your concentration and focus suffer, sometimes causing mistakes and accidents happen. The closer to boiling you are, the greater the negative effect on you is. Some people are prone to ‘petit mal seizures’ - hardly noticeable, you blank for a few moments, you lose the thread of what you are doing, and then you are back. All signs of the water heating up.

Some small steps can make a big difference: headphones with ‘white noise’ are a very good investment to counterbalance the noises. Posters or a photo that really pulls you in and creates a calm and positive feel provides an affirmative focus. And eye exercises, such as ‘palming’ (covering your closed eyes with your palms and resting on your elbows for one minute) conducted every hour has a very strong balance for you. Be sure to set a timer for 40 - 50 minutes and when it goes off, stand up and move about for just a few minutes to balance the stress on your brain. Such an easy action can have profound constructive effects.

6. You are starting to put on weight

There is one very simple truth. If you put more calories into your body than you burn, you will put on weight. So, what is happening and what can you do? It is so easy to have a packet of something to nibble and drink by your workplace, and your hand reaches out without any conscious thought from you! Ooops, there adds another 500 calories, so very easily.

Start by exploring if you are eating as a substitute for some other need: love, recognition, depression, frustration, low confidence, anger? There is often a link all the way back to being fed when you were an unhappy baby. Awareness is the solution, take the reins and look for healthy substitutes.

Another idea is to start a written record of ALL you eat and drink, most people do not have a conscious idea of the actual quantity. Sometimes that alone is enough to change your habits. Realise that one donut requires 40 minutes of walking to burn it off - ouch! Getting up and moving every 40 - 50 minutes also helps. Many offices now encourage standing at your desk, rather than sitting. Sitting is a very damaging and unnatural position. Plan a new and pleasing outfit for the one size smaller you.

You may wish to explore the 5-2 way of living, where you only eat 500 calories on two days of the week and the remaining five days you eat normally. This is quite easy to do and the effects most pleasing.

Being overweight is a direct route to heart disease and diabetes, both to be avoided at all costs.

7. You are suffering with constant change strain

If there is any way that you can spend a little time in nature, you will find this a wonderful balance to these feelings. If that is not possible find pleasing nature scenes for your technology, so you may visit the beach, a mountain or a forest and walk in it in your imagination.

Another activity is to become aware of the areas you do control. If 0 was absolutely no control at all and 100 was complete control, where would you want to be? Probably not 100! So, pick a reasonable for you level. Then think about where you are now. Let’s say you feel you are at about 20 - remember you are alive! You did choose what you wore and ate today - these, and many more are all areas of your control. Now consciously ‘stand’ in that area of control and feel the strength it provides. And here’s an interesting thought. Next time you think change is getting on top of you, just for a few seconds think ‘No I won’t do …!’ Enjoy that moment of complete control over the change. Then think about the consequences, often you decide it is what you want to do anyway, but now it is your choice and not being done to you. You have regained the locus of control! Bravo.

Finally Step 7 of the Mind Chi 8-minute routine is to plan for the next 24 hours. Think about what you must do and much more importantly, plan the best emotional state to be in to do those actions. Now you have regained control over you and whatever changes swirl around you, you have the reins of you.

8. You suffer from low self-concept and/or confidence

As you put any of these suggestions into action, you will automatically start to feel that you are more in control of you. The natural consequence of that is your self-concept and confidence begin to turn to support you. Step 4 of the Mind chi Basic suggests you look over the past 24 hours for all your big and little successes and count them. Put them in your ‘success bank’ so you are constantly reminding yourself of your worth.

The full 8-minute Mind Chi routine is so easy to do, and the accumulative effect of it will help you to build your resilience so you and not only survive your stresses and their strains, but actually thrive! Your ‘fight back’ will only take you 8 minutes a day and the accumulative effect is to provide coping strategies for the strains from stress and build your resilience, energy, motivation for life and joy! Not bad for just 8 minutes a day!

Please visit our partner www.MindChi.com for a daily 8 minute routine which can counter these negative effects and see the other articles in this series.

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