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Jill Whittington talks about how we should listen to ourselves and develop our personal resilience in response to the pandemic and its implications.


I was recently talking to a dear friend who is the best ‘listener’ that I know! Our conversation covered how we are observing selected listening in response to some of the current communications for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions. After our conversation I looked up the definition of ‘listen’ – ‘Give one’s attention to a sound’

OR - hear, pay attention to, be attentive, concentrate on, keep one’s ears open, tune in, hark, be all ears etc etc

Resilience, through the next phase of lockdown easing, is uppermost in my mind in supporting both myself and others. I passionately believe that ‘listening’ to our internal chatter is crucial to building resilience. How often do we truly ‘listen in’ to our own chatter? Commonly our chatter is bubbling away in the background and subtly directing how we feel and behave.

Many are fearful right now. Fear is an extraordinarily strong force which builds more and more chatter to ‘dis-able’ us as opposed to ‘en-able’ us to move forward.

The brain generates about 50,000 thoughts per day. Worryingly estimates are that 70% are negative thoughts as ‘chatter’.

The good news is we can change that! Our brains are an amazing computer which we can literally re-wire to help us rather than hinder us.

My ‘listener’ friend is an effective listener because he will often remain silent to allow me to assimilate my thoughts and talk. Similarly, our brains need some space to stop so we can truly ‘listen’ to our thoughts. In so doing we can change those thoughts for ones that support and ‘en-able’ us constantly as our best friend.

Those of you who know me will be familiar with my passion for well-being and how inspired I remain about the brain being such an untapped source of support. This has led me to become captivated by Mind-Chi.

Mind Chi encapsulates everything I have ever believed and practiced. In just 8 minutes a day you can rewire your brain to become that best friend and internal coach to help you develop mental resilience through positive thought habits to be the best ‘YOU’ you can possibly be, day in day out and all in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea!

So how about you take that call and ‘tune-in’ to yourself………………………………??????


Find out more about Mind Chi and our resilience services here.

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