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Life is not a Pass or Fail Test!

The Change Maker Profile works towards selecting the right people for the right job and playing to their strengths.

Why do we hate tests?

Whether your aspirations are towards promotion or an impending re-organisation within the business, there is a constant need to cope with today’s changing demands, a state which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

Psychometric Tests, Development Centres, Assessment Centres, Management Training Courses and many other methods of scrutinising our skills and behaviour are a daunting prospect and feared by many.

Why is this the case?

The answer is simple… nobody wants to be found out!

Being exposed as incapable or floundering in a current role is our greatest fear as this may determine our future progress and how others view us.

Nobody is immune. This trepidation is not just confined to inexperienced employees with ambition for advancement, but touches all levels throughout an organisations structure… including the CEO!

There are some who feel that life should be far simpler and are more comfortable by doing and learning within the role, by way of mistakes made and experience gained in a practical way.

There are others who are more academic when it comes to being able to assimilate information by simply reading and listening.

So…. there are “Practical” and “Academic” people.

Practical people often need to work harder to ensure they are confident about their purpose.

Academics, or theorists, appear to have an overriding confidence and wisdom that sees them through.

This doesn’t mean that one approach to learning is better than another. It simply means that although we are all the same... we are not alike!

A practical person is likely to have the same enthusiasm, skill and talent along with a charismatic personality that drives them. But slower deliberation can also feature, as they might have a tendency to take longer processing information than academics.

Like actors, they are more comfortable with familiarity and repetition, comparable to rehearsal, thus learning by mistakes, correcting and perfecting en route, to deliver their objective. They generally learn more from the experience of doing as opposed to reading, but may take longer to reach a conclusion.

Academics on the other hand are able to read intently and, through the experiences of others, absorb the concepts and grasp the idea far quicker than practical people.

Some are naturally gifted and, to a large extent, a higher level of education can be a measure of intelligence, which in many cases translates to a faster and more concise level of understanding of a situation.

That said, there are many clever people who have not experienced a good education and in reality, the level of schooling does not always equate to how smart someone is. It doesn’t always follow that people who are well educated are necessarily smart. In fact, they can often lack the important attribute of common sense.

“The thing about Common Sense is… it’s not that common”

Being smart, as opposed to being intelligent, is an ability that requires work and effort to develop. This is when being tested becomes frustrating, as the ability to assimilate information is often slower for a practical person, compared to that of an academic.

Being intelligent and being smart seem to be similar terms, but they are not exactly the same thing. Once a person is confident in what they are doing it’s neither intelligence nor being smart that gives a person the edge. It’s all about knowledge. As they say… “Knowledge is Power”

Every one of us is unique and how we define knowledge is a major consideration of how we value knowledge and also whether it’s worth pursuing in order to progress our own ambition and happiness.

Learning enables us to explore the boundaries of our passions and being smart is making the best use of our attributes.

The Change Maker Profile does not judge people as a “Pass” or “Fail”. It is not designed to isolate or ridicule a person, leaving them deflated or embarrassed. It’s simply a method of identifying the tendencies of an individual, bringing out the best in them for the good of their own self-esteem, morale and performance.

It also balances the skills and talents within a harmonised team, which contribute positively to increasing productivity for employers... A Win-Win!

It highlights where an individual’s contribution is better served by playing towards their strengths and the impact that they are able to make.

So… “Why put a Round Peg in a Square Hole?”

50% - 75% of our time is spent at work, so why be in a role where we’re not comfortable and not delivering a positive impact for our employers. That feels like a Lose-Lose!

For example… would these be the best fit for your team?

  • Selecting an Accountant to be your best Salesman!

  • Play your Goalkeeper as a goal scoring Centre Forward!

  • Expect your GP to perform an operation on your Brain!

“You get the idea”

Progress is all about “Change” and adapting to continuous improvement is not a bad thing for anybody’s wellbeing and The Change Maker Profile works towards selecting the right people for the right job and playing to their strengths.

Have faith in your own ability and embrace any opportunity to learn. Be it about yourself, your role, a subject matter that you’ve never even considered before. Whatever the reason, never doubt yourself.

Life is not a Pass or Fail, its simply your personalised learning journey. The whole concept of learning is acquiring new knowledge, behaviours, skills and values.

We all have an innate ability to learn.


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