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Delivering change in the voluntary sector

In the private sector, market demands drive business development. In the public sector, political (small and big P) policy directions drive service development. However, in the voluntary sector, charities and “not for profits” are often shaping their policy – and their very identity – as a response to something that needs to be improved, a gap in community provision, an illness to be fought and beaten.

The voluntary sector, then, is actually at the forefront of change. Not only do they respond to others’ changes (which often necessitate the charity’s existence in the first place) but they also have to be able to change and respond fast, or face closure.

The traditional picture of volunteer-run organisations, where people of a certain [advanced] age meet now and again to do good things locally, is way out of date. The 21st Century voluntary organisation has to be as agile, imaginative and proactive as any successful corporation. Funding streams come and go in the blink of an eye, and the support that used to be something everyone could take for granted has fallen prey to the economic climate. This means that, to survive, “change” runs through most successful charities as if through a stick of seaside rock. Many charities are experts at change, out of necessity and often simply based on learned behaviours from “the school of hard knocks”.

This is where The Change Maker Group can really help. By partnering with voluntary organisations, we can bring the following real, measurable benefits:

  • Expertise in strength and depth to match each organisation with its most appropriate Change Makers

  • Wealth of easy-to-understand services and products which focus the organisation on the things that make change happen, fast – and that make that change stick

  • Focus on the organisation’s goals and values, so that bespoke solutions can be crafted to precise specifications and create results that are an excellent “fit”

  • Partnering with the organisation to be alongside them on their change journey, to reassure and reaffirm when challenges appear and threaten to derail the process

  • Improving the effectiveness of the organisation’s change management processes, so that valuable funds can be directed to where they are needed most.

In truth, change isn’t scary if you plan, design and deliver as we do. It actually unveils a world full of new opportunities and improvements. The trick is to be confident in that process and to keep focused on the values of the organisation which drive its “end game”. That way, any voluntary organisation can win at change.

If this sounds like something your organisation would find useful to explore, then simply go to our website or get in touch below. We’d love to hear from you and explore how we can help your organisation win at change and become part of our Change Maker revolution in the process.

Contact Astrid at astrid@thechangemakergroup.com.

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