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Change Makers are needed everywhere…NOW

In response to the massive change that is going on around the world, we have been writing about how organisations everywhere should have their own Change Makers. In previous articles in this series we elaborated on how to create Change Makers within organisations and why this makes so much sense. In this article we talk about what being a Change Maker means for those people who deliver in social and community contexts, and why they’re needed more than ever.

Our mission is to create a million Change Makers. There are many more Change Makers than that around the globe already, doing great things in their communities, countries and regions. They do work for charities, volunteering, helping out their neighbours, campaigning on behalf of others and so on. They focus on diverse things such as the environment, animal welfare, care for the elderly, young people, the oceans, museums and a huge range of other areas.

This set me to thinking – why? Why do people do this? Why do they strive to be Change Makers when they don’t have to be? I wrote a list.

  • Because it is part of their life contribution and legacy

  • Because they care about something

  • Because they can

  • Because if they don’t, who will?

Hardly surprising that Change Makers do whatever it is they do because they want to.

Think about the Change Makers you know in your local area. They are driven to make a difference, whether it be for a youth group, community, charity or whatever – they know that making a difference is important to other people as well as themselves.

On a larger scale, people do much the same for regional or national groups – some do the same internationally and globally. Just think about the children who are organising themselves, mostly using simple social media, to create a global movement focused on the environmental needs of the planet. There’s no need for a leader, or management committee, or project plans – people are just driven to be Change Makers and at the last count children from over 100 countries are involved.

The point is that Change Makers will do what they do because they are driven. But it doesn’t mean that they have all of the skills, attributes and resources to achieve whatever it is they’re doing. We should applaud Change Makers and support them in any way that we can – help them be the best they can be. To be successful they will need inspiring, connecting and educating, and there are people everywhere who can do this.

At The Change Maker Group we are on a mission to create a million change makers. Some of these will be in organisations but many, if not most, are ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We want to help.

We are in the midst of organising short 2-hour ‘change maker accelerator’ sessions in the UK for instance – free personal development sessions to help people to be better change makers. With our friends at SmartUp (www.smartup.io) we’re creating a free online micro-learning community, where people around the world can download an app or visit a website and get selected change-related learning. We are always looking for ways to help create Change Makers wherever they are, and the world needs them more now than ever.

So, if you have great ideas please be a Change Maker and get in touch. We would love to hear from you.


Contact David at davidwalker@thechangemakergroup.com

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We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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