• Simon Phillips

What a high-achiever will gain from coaching

The world is full of high achievers – they can generally pick and choose the best organisations of the crop! These people are often focused, goal driven and demanding. If you are a high achiever how can coaching add value to your career?

The answer lies in understanding what coaching actually does and in appreciating its power as a tool when embraced by the high achiever.

It is accepted that top sports people need a coach. They are not better tennis players or golfers than their coachee – quite the opposite. They are valued as confidential allies who can pull together all the strengths of their coachees to be most effective and to help them minimise the effect of traits that can get in the way of continual improvement.

High achievers benefit in the same way – and a great coach will be the partner who can give them the competitive edge and help them achieve their goals – be it career success, a better balance in life or some other goal.

- High achievers are sponges, they take up information fast and quickly utilise what is going to help them, a great coach will understand what interventions will support their coachee.

- High achievers are goal oriented and highly effective coaches will be challenging the coachee to progress these goals. They will have a clear focus on what will help their coachee achieve their long term as well as their short term goals.

- High achievers are demanding and a great coach will be challenging – a powerful combination for a successful partnership.

- Coaching is an action-learning process based in the reality of the individual coachees needs and not classroom based general theory learning.

The Change Maker Group coaches are just such great coaches. They all have proven track records, are thoroughly schooled in the latest coaching developments and know what it is like to have worked in highly pressured environments. Having successful careers coaching senior people in organisations they have established Smart Mirror Coaching to provide the same quality support to individuals facing challenges. Smart Mirror Coaching is fast and effective access to someone you trust as and when you need them. You can use us as a sounding board to help you think through an idea, share a concern, plan an activity or simply to get an independent, apolitical and informed response to a situation or opportunity you face at work, or in your life.

Nicky Carew is an executive coach and leadership development consultant. Contact her nicky@thechangemakergroup.com



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