• Simon Phillips

What is a change maker?

There are loads of ways to answer this question.

In our book “Change Wisdom” I answered it in terms of change makers’ likely behaviours – the point was that you can’t stereotype a change maker. They don’t look like a change maker, they don’t sound like a change maker, they just ARE a change maker.

In this short article I thought I would draw attention to a few recent social media posts that show change makers in action. Their behaviours are such that that they are change makers – never mind anything else about them. They work inside businesses, in their communities, government and non-governmental organisations and elsewhere.

There’s the government in Estonia who are trying out free public transport, hoping it will reduce traffic, promote the economy, social cohesion and so on.

There are organisations and people all around the world focussed on protecting the planet – dealing with the litter in the oceans, raising awareness about single-use plastics, the impacts of global warming. Too many to name, but change makers all.

Related to this is the company in Canada that has worked out how to remove CO2 from the air cheaply.

In India, a couple from the UK have set-up an animal clinic with three staff, and feed, inoculate and sterilise stray dogs.

How to solve inter-tribal violence? In Kenya a woman has been getting people to play football, and has been recognised by FIFA as a consequence.

A huge chocolate company has recently announced that it is spending $1bn to help combat climate change.

A company in the UK selling clothing relating music and mental health gives 50% of its profits to a mental health charity.

Lastly, there was the man from Montgomery in Alabama, USA – he was offering lawn mowing in Montgomery on a morning for “anyone who is elderly, disabled, a single mother or a veteran” for free. His tweet making the offer has been liked and retweeted thousands of times.

Change makers come in all guises - individuals, communities, corporates, governments and supra-national organisations. Whoever they are, they are all change makers because of their actions – they aim to make our working and home lives, and the life of our planet and everything on it, better.

At The Change Maker Group we have a mission of creating a million change makers. It would be great to make that a billion – we know everyone can be a change maker.

(more about all of these examples can be found on our Twitter @TCMGglobal or LinkedIn company page.)


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