• Simon Phillips

Nurturing the change makers

WHO really makes change happen? And what are you doing about THEM?

We hear plenty of talk about strategies to engage employees, get buy-in to change and overcome resistance. Everybody is telling you that your people don’t like change and can be counted on to resist it. The latter is debatable, and the former definitely has a role to play.

But this approach overlooks one of your most powerful assets – the change makers you already have in your organisation. What if you could identify and grow your own change makers - wherever they are in your organisation.

Nurture those hungry for learning and raring to go;

- the strategists with the vision but no idea how to marshal support and action

- the game-changers who come up with the wild ideas you’ll wish you’d listened to

- the polishers who will obsessively improve things

- the implementers who quietly and efficiently make it happen whilst everyone else is still talking about it; and

- the play makers who can get the best out of all of these people.

Of course, you need to know who your change makers are. You don’t? No worries, we do.

And then you need to be confident that you have a means of developing all these different change makers so that they can get the best out each other and make their greatest impact on change. We have that covered too. Our Change Maker Programme will equip each of these change makers to make their very best contribution to make change happen.

You just need to free them up to do what they’re ready and able to do.

Find out more about our Change Maker Programme by emailing cathy@thechangemakergroup.com or see this page.



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