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Where did Change Alchemy come from?

We interviewed John Hackett about his inspiration for his chapter in our #1 bestselling book "Change Wisdom". This is what he had to say about change alchemy.

"I spent many years practicing organisational transformation under the guise of a plethora of silver bullets – PRINCE2, Lean, Systems Thinking, SPRINT to name but a few. I became frustrated by the way that change never seemed to embed itself beyond a window of around 12 months. I set out on a mission to understand what was causing this phenomenon and what might be a better way to deliver game-changing transformation that sticks." he said.

John carried on "What I discovered was simple but profound. I realised that change comes from people – when people change the way they think about themselves and their work, (their personal paradigm) then the way they design and carry out their work (their work paradigm) fundamentally changes and stays that way for the long term".

"In essence, I realised that changing people in the right way changes the system."

John is enthusiastic about his craft... "Following this, I spent a number of years looking for a direct, simple but profound means of intervening on people that would deliver the paradigm shift needed and allow them to be harnessed to deliver change that would last. My search was rewarded when I met Nathan Ott and Dr. John Mervyn-Smith and discovered The GC Index – a language and framework for understanding the impact and contribution of every individual."

"Change Alchemy, a framework which harnesses the impact of individuals to deliver game-changing Transformation is the result."

John Hackett writes in our book Change Wisdom. He has written a short article explaining some of his thinking here.

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