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Transformation = Alchemy. Confused? Read On.

Transformation. Ah yes – that wonderful catch-all term that we hear so regularly. Outside of work, we may encounter it in numerous forms – for example, those ever-present adverts encouraging us to transform our appearance through the latest breakthrough in cosmetic surgery.

I probably pay too much attention to those.

Or maybe, we may hear a technology company informing us with much fanfare that their latest assembly of aluminium, glass and printed circuit boards is going to transform our lives by allowing us to express our most profound thoughts through an animated brown bodily excretion.

I pay less attention to these.

At work, it’s likely that we will hear the term in the form of the launch of yet another “Transformation Programme” – the mythical corporate cauldron of activities that are going to magically make us all more productive and have customers dancing up and down at our sheer awesomeness. It is this manifestation to which I want to turn your attention.

The problem with these corporate Transformation initiatives is very simple and it is one to which you, as someone tasked with delivering change, are likely somewhat accustomed. I shall describe this problem in two ways – firstly, the technical definition and secondly a Plain English definition. Technical definition –

They often result in an holistic failure to fully sustain envisaged benefits over a projected long term basis, constituting a deviation from the planned business case such that return on investment calculations over the intended implementation period are invalidated.

Plain English definition (Michael Caine voice at the ready, please) –

They don’t bloody work.

So if I told you there is a framework which unlocks the potential for every member of your team to become a massively impactful change maker in less than 2 hrs and a structure which allows you to harness their strengths to create sustainable transformation what would you say? You’d probably say, in your best upper-class English RP accent “Dear fellow, what a preposterous thing to say. Be gone with you, you bounder!”

But here’s the moment where a giant block of text made of rock drops out of the sky and lands in front of you with an almighty, ground shaking thud –

It’s true.

And it’s called Change Alchemy.

Now, those of you who remember the band Dire Straits will probably scream in righteous indignation that this term conjures up memories of the title of a live album with excessively long and drawn-out rag-picked guitar solos. But thankfully, there are none of those. Change Alchemy is a simple process which takes a team of people and turns them into Change Makers.

It involves two simple ingredients:

1. A revolutionary profiling tool which is based on cutting edge research into how individuals make an impact in the world.

2. A simple four stage process that develops the professional esteem of a team of individuals and shows them how to innovate together as a group, over and over again in a way that suits them.

And that’s it. It’s all about harnessing the strengths of individuals (who does the work) and using them to change the process (how the work works).

Now at this point, you may be donning a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, putting your hands on your hips and asking “What is the basis for all of this? How does it work in practice?”. I am pleased to tell you that Mulder and Scully were right –

The truth is out there.

Where is “out there” exactly?

The latest book from The Change Maker Group. Twelve passionate Change Makers, yours truly included, have chosen to share their knowledge and experience. ‘Change Wisdom’ is the result. It is an essential resource for everyone who needs to help their organisations be ‘change fit’ in the 21st century. Inside this book, you will find an entire chapter devoted to Change Alchemy, where you will learn how Transformation is not just a buzz word in a cosmetic surgery ad or another failed corporate cost cutting initiative. It is a real and achievable phenomenon that comes from showing people how they best make an impact and then harnessing their strengths to deliver game-changing outcomes.

This, plus many other incredible insights into the mechanics of change are all at your fingertips in ‘Change Wisdom’

So be a Change Maker – check out our book and discover why Transformation is all about alchemy.

Change Alchemy.

John Hackett writes in our new #1 bestselling book Change Wisdom. Find out more or get a free chapter.



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