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Joy @ Work # 6 The joy of strain - put your colander to work!

And what do you use a colander for?!

There are three main uses for a colander and all four can enhance your Joy@Work!

1. To SAVE the part you want

The potatoes are rescued from the potato water in which they were cooking, and you are just left with the part you want to enjoy. What would happen if you metaphorically poured your work through a colander? Which would be the parts you want to keep and enjoy and what parts would you like to pour down the drain?

Please strain YOUR work through this colander:



Now here is the really exciting part… have a few of your associates, work mates, colleagues, and friends do their colander ‘keeps’ and ‘throws’ and I can almost guarantee, that some will want to KEEP what you want to THROW!!! So, strike a deal with them! Plus, human nature is so complex that when you think you can get rid of the bits you don’t want, you may discover that you don’t really mind them as much! Two important points here:

1. Become viscerally aware of what you do and don’t want; and 2. Take some small step to act on it right now!

And, of course, as you have been reading these Joy@Work suggestions, you know that I am going to advocate that you concentrate on enjoying the parts you are keeping in your colander with greater focus. Another use of straining with a colander is:

2. Get rid of those lumps and bones!

Colanders may also be used for the exact opposite, very versatile! As I write the bones of a chicken are draining, leaving the lovely stock for further culinary delights! Next, observe when you want to keep the liquid and throw out what you were able to catch in your colander.

What might you consider here? Well, do you like - want to keep the atmosphere at your work place? And might it be that there are a person/people who you might dislike - want to throw? Or you don’t like – want to throw the place / journey / building /city, but you do like - want to keep the profession / salary / excitement?



When your brain has a clear image of some items sitting in the throw colander or pouring into the keep me bowl, it can start to focus on what to do about it. Otherwise it is so easy for you to experience vague discontentment and that does not cure its self, and worse still leads to strain and stress and reduced resilience, all things which undermine your Joy@Work.

3. Colanders for separation

It might be that you may find great joy in both the part in the colander and the strained portion, especially when they are separated! An egg yolk and whites are both useful at different times for different recipes. What is your Joy@Work counterpart? 4. Colanders for play!

You might wish to keep several beautiful, brightly coloured colanders for your use in different situations: what to keep? What to throw? When to strain? And when your colanders are not in use… here are some other things you might want to do with them!

Did you think I had made a mistake at the start when I mentioned the fourth way a colander might enhance your Joy@Work? It may not have been top on your list for uses for colanders, but it is PLAY! Isn’t there something rather whimsical and joyful about a colander? In the Marvellous Mind Chi Monday offering, found in various social media, this week the picture was a pile of leaves and the reminder that play is so important for our total wellbeing and joy. Here are a few playful uses of colanders: wind chimes; bath accessories holder; planter; sculpture; gift basket; lamps; hat for Chi*!

Mostly, don’t pick holes in this metaphor! Oh! And I am reminded that my Mother was buying a colander once and commented to the shop owner that it was very inexpensive, ‘Ah!’ he said, ‘That is because it has holes in it!’ How will you employ your colander this week?

*Chi is the character used to depict your inner voice or will power from the book 'Mind Chi - re-wire your brain in 8 minutes a day'.

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