• Simon Phillips

What do Open Source, Holocracy, frontline activists and game changers have in common?

They are all concepts that we can apply to THINK about and DO change differently.

We know from the work being done by neuroleaders that we can create TOWARD states when it comes to change. And we know from Chip & Dan Heath, professors at Duke University and Stanford University that we can apply social and behavioural psychology to change. And that by understanding the mind, it is possible to find shortcuts that make change easier.

We also know from the work being done by those experimenting with new paradigms about distributed power and governance inside organisations, that we can create a better ‘operating system’ or way of governing. When we do this, the APPS that we build (new processes, techniques or culture changes) are much more likely to run smoothly.

Finally, we know from the work being done by hundreds of accredited GCologists, that individuals, teams and organisations can all make an impact during times of change. Change is no longer the domain of the PMO Office and the Senior Leadership Team.

Emergent Change embraces all these mind-set and skill set shifts and will ensure that going forward, the statistics about changes delivering benefits will shift. Kotter’s research revealed that only 30 percent of change programs succeed. The Change Maker Group envisage a future where new research, done with firms who embrace these new ways of doing change in a VUCA world, reveals that 70% of changes succeed! That research will show the importance of stakeholder initiated and led change. And how one key to success is that all the resources inside the system are invited to play to their strengths and embrace one of five change roles.

The research will show the importance of adopting new ways of working - experimentation, agile, iteration and learning quickly. And finally, the research will show that successful change IS possible if managed in a new and emergent way.

Michelle Brailsford writes in our new book "Change Wisdom" published on Amazon globally. Find out more or get a free chapter here.



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