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Build your resilience for work and life in just 8-minutes a day

In this article our personal resilience guru Vanda North outlines her Mind Chi approach.

She explains much more in her chapter in our new book "Change Wisdom".

How are you?

  • Are you always feeling rushed and behind in your ‘to do’ list?

  • Have you found you are not sleeping as well as you used to?

  • Is your temper a little frayed and your fuse a little shorter?

  • Do you feel as resilient deep inside you as you would like to feel?

If it is any comfort to you, I find that this is how most people are feeling most places in the world.

And it is not good. You cannot give your best work; or come up with creative ideas; or attend to the many details; or manage the big picture; or be an inspiring, purposeful and personal leader when you feel stressed and at a low resilience ebb.


There are times when life throws extra stuff at you and it is natural (and healthy) to momentarily feel and be squashed. The necessary knack is to be able to know that you will not stay there, that you have the skills necessary to bounce back.

These skills are very easy to learn, require no special equipment and can be done nearly anywhere (not driving though!) They are 8-steps called ‘Mind Chi’. I will briefly explain them here and the chapter in ‘Change Wisdom’ will give you much more information and questionnaires for you to assess where you currently are and then see the impact 8-minutes a day for 28 days has made with a post-questionnaire. Check for yourself if it works for you. Mind Chi 8-steps

There are four sections, with two steps each. The sections are: start; past; now and future.

In the start section, the first minute is a special breath, which relaxes your body and tells it you are in charge, all will be OK. The second minute focuses your thoughts and tells your mind that you are the one at the helm here! Off to a great start!

Now in the second section you look over the past 24 hours, run a fast rewind mental video of what happened in this time. You are looking for two things, first where you felt you might have done, been, said something better than you did. This is for you to think about, what would you have rather happened, so you learn and slowly shape your behaviours to what you wish to do. And the second minute in this section, is all the things that were successes for you, that you are pleased or proud about.

The third section is based on CBT and checks your BEAT (Body, Emotions, Actions & Thoughts) in the now, this is the crucial time to change them if you need.

Finally, the fourth section, the future, where, for one minute, you consider how you would like to be for the things you need to do in the next 24 hours and the final minute is to recall all the things you have or will have for which to be grateful. The rest of the story and so many more nuggets of practical ‘Change Wisdom’ can be found in our book.

Vanda North is a leadership development and personal resilience specialist, and author. When she isn't baking she is gardening.

Our book "Change Wisdom" is available on Amazon or here.

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