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The Eight Pillars of Trust

In our new book "Change Wisdom", Julia Felton writes about Trust and it's role in change.

In this third of four articles discussing trust, she describes the eight pillars of trust.

So how do we build trust in organisations?. What actions can leaders take to create a trust based culture where team members feel fulfilled and give of their best of each and everyday? .

In the book the Trust Edge, eight pillars of trust are identified that when used together help individuals and therefore organisations to become more trustworthy. These are:

1. Clarity

People trust the clear and mistrust the ambiguous. Clarity unifies and motivates, it increases morale and inspires trust. Clear communication leads to trusted colleagues, happy team members and satisfied customers.

2. Compassion

People put faith in those that care beyond themselves. Caring leads to trust. Great leaders think beyond themselves and put people before thongs to improve relationships.

3. Character

People notice those who do what is right over what is easy. Building integrity tales work but also yields the biggest rewards. Great leaders always ask: “Is this the right thing?”

4. Competency

People have confidence in leaders who stay up-to-date with relevant new ideas and concepts. As a leader make sure to continually stretch your mind to discover new ideas, fresh thoughts and concepts. Engage in continual learning and surround yourself with inspiring and motivating people, who challenge you

5. Commitment

Passion is the essential ingredient of commitment. When people are committed to a cause they will go out of their way to make things happen. People who stick with you when times are tough are those that you can trust.

6. Connection

People want to follow, buy from and be around people they like and trust. As a leader ensure you engage and collaborate with team members and customers and really listen to what they need.

7. Contribution

People respond to results. Give your attention, resources, time, opportunity and talent to make a difference. As a leader you must deliver results in order to be credible and be trusted.

8. Consistency

People love to see the little things done consistently. It gives them security and comfort. Trust is built over time so ensure the same quality of results is delivered every time to build trust.

When these eight pillars are implemented in organisations then leaders enjoy improved relationships, reputation, retention, revenue and results. Which of these trust pillars will you start implementing in your organisation today? What will be the impact on your ability to navigate change if you increase trust levels by just a few percentage points.

From our experience at The Change Maker Group the most highly trusted organisations thrive as they enjoy higher levels of team engagement, morale productivity and innovation, all factors which enable the business to be agile and respond on-the-hoof to changing business situations.

Julia Felton is a leadership development consultant, trainer and author. She maintains a small herd of horses who act as leadership coaches.

This article is based upon Julia's chapter in our book "Change Wisdom" available globally from Amazon or here.



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