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Trust: The Essential Lubricant To Enable Change

In our new book "Change Wisdom", Julia Felton writes about Trust and it's role in change. In this first of four articles discussing trust, she outlines why trust is THE essential lubricant of change.

"Trust is the biggest business commodity of the decade. Without trust business and relationships falter."

Stephen M. R. Covey

In today's networked and interconnected world, trust has become the new currency - the critical competency for individuals, teams, organisations, and even countries. Trust impacts every situation and relationship, whether personal or professional. Everything of value is built on trust, from financial systems to relationships.

Trust is like water, which is the vital substance that sustains all life on this planet. When there's water, everything flourishes and grows. When it's not there, everything withers and dies. The same is true for trust. Without trust, projects slowly die, team members become dis-engaged and strategies fail. Trust has a lasting impact on your team, and in your organisation. A lack of trust is an organisation's biggest expense and in many cases the principle reason why change initiatives fail.

Trust: The Hidden Business Lubricant

Trust acts like a lubricant. It reduces friction and creates conditions for enabling a high-performance team that can navigate change. How well the team works together is the true indicator of the future success and ability to lead through change. The behaviours that build trust are the same behaviours that help people navigate change, which is why at The Change Maker group we are passionate about helping companies navigate from the chaos and confusion of change to a culture of collaboration, connection and comradery.

Robert A. McDonald, Chairman, President and CEO of Procter & Gamble, when referring to Stephen M. R. Covey's book Smart Trust, states: "It is both a mindset and a toolbox for 21st-century leadership". Trust is an important commodity that cannot be overlooked when building business or initiating change projects. Trust is the glue that holds relationships together. Without trust, there is no harmony in the team or in business, and dis-ease prevails.

The Fusion Business Blueprint is a great model for navigating change and creating a sustainable business that acknowledges and recognises that it is part of a bigger eco-system and therefore has a social responsibility to adhere to. As you can clearly see in the diagram below trust is the glue that holds together the three business cornerstones:

  • Expand the leader

  • Empower the Team

  • Engage the Environment

When these cornerstones are aligned with business purpose, then the result is a highly Energised Business Culture that can operate and respond in an agile manner to the changing business outlook.

Julia Felton is a leadership development consultant, trainer and author. She maintains a small herd of horses who act as leadership coaches.

This article is based upon Julia's chapter in our book "Change Wisdom" available globally from Amazon or here.



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