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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Manage the EVERYTHING changes the Festive Holiday Horrors can bring - with Mind Chi!

Here is the last of the series of articles with practical ideas for managing the Festive Holiday Horrors. I do hope that you have found some ideas and suggestions that may help you to manage all the changes this season brings. Do remember it is only a couple of days, find your coping strategies to manage yourself.

9. The EVERYTHING Festive Holiday Horror and the Mind Chi way to overcome

Expecting to be the perfect EVERYTHING to everyone

This is Festive Holiday Horror # 9 is an extra one, but we feel it is so important and can impact ALL the other 8 - so we have put it here!

I saw that someone called this Generation E! It especially afflicts women and maybe the slightly older woman. You were probably brought up to 'serve' everyone and to put yourself LAST.

My Mum had it to the extreme of almost ONLY doing what OTHERS wanted, so 'Would

YOU like a cup of tea?' was her way of saying 'I'd love a cup of tea!' At some deeply subtle level you feel expected to 'do' everything for everyone. You think, sorry, KNOW, you are indispensable - well who else will do it?! And certainly, do it 'right'? This is a dis-service to all those you love and especially to yourself.

This ‘everythingness’ is, as all the rest of these topics made ‘large’ by the seasonal pressures. You can probably add some more EVERYTHING horrors as well. So, what to do?

Mind Chi Festive Holiday Happiness - REWIRE YOUR BRAIN!

Remember you can do very little to change all that happens out there, however, you CAN

make some easy and profound changes for how YOU respond. Along with the specific hints and tips here are also the complete 8-steps of Mind Chi. Performing this simple routine daily, will help to provide you with the strength, resilience, bounceability and power to make your changes to enable you to have joy and fun in this season.

Mind Chi assists you to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN and no, this is not painful! In fact,

it is probably the most liberating, energising, fast and simple thing you have

ever done. It takes just 8 minutes a day to perform the Mind Chi Basic routine,

it requires no special equipment and you can do it anywhere, well, not while


Here is the link to the explanation and map for the full 8-steps as a free gift

for you: http://www.mindchi.com/mind-chi-basic-8-steps/

You do a DIS-SERVICE to those you love by doing everything for them. How? Well you are saying 'YOU are not capable of doing this, so I must.' You are making

them your master and you their SLAVE - not a fulfilling role for either of you!

You can BLAME them that you are tired, unwell, unable - all their fault. You give away your POWER to them and let them be in CONTROL of you. Time to change!

You are also doing a DIS-SERVICE to yourself! You are wearing yourself out, so you are

no good to anyone and STRAINING yourself with all the extra stress you put on yourself.

Because you have now TRAINED everyone to expect you to do everything, you will

need to have a discussion with them, so you may both change your BEHAVIOURS and


So, REWIRE YOUR BRAIN, take the reins of control into your hands. Allow those you

love to grow and be recognised as competent and you be the you that you have always wanted to be! En-JOY!!!

To recap, the 8 positive actions for Mind Chi Holiday Happiness to overcome the Horror of 'Expecting to be EVERYTHING to everyone' during the Holiday and other days too!

1. Start to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN - 8 minutes a day with Mind Chi.

2. Follow the links above - download and SAVE - then DO for 28 days in a row.

3. Know that you are (in the nicest way) DISPENSIBLE!

4. Gently TRANSITION so THEY may be responsible.

5. If necessary, TEACH them! Delegate! Let them take ownership.

6. Become MASTER of yourself, NOT everyone's slave.

7. Discuss and agree about everyone's BEHAVIOURS and EXPECTATIONS.

8. Change your thinking to create a life you ENJOY, especially at this seasonal time!

Please do be in touch with any questions or comments or other Horrors we can change to joys!

The very best of Festive Holiday Happiness to you from The Change Makers and Mind Chi!

The Change Maker Group are people who have mastered the skills for managing change.

They too face the constant change and understand your situation. We provide ‘Smart Mirror Coaching’ an on-demand coaching service that may just be what you need to help you through this time.

Please do contact us with any issues where we may be able to assist: community@thechangemakergroup.com

Building your resilience in just 8-minutes a day with the Mind Chi routine can also boost

your strength and ability to find joy in the season, here is a free gift of the 8 Mind Chi steps: http://www.mindchi.com/mind-chi-basic-8-steps/

For Mind Chi sessions and mentoring, please contact Vanda@MindChi.com

SPECIAL NOTE! The new 'Change Wisdom' kindle and book is now available - super gift - order here:


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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