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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Manage the FOOD changes the Festive Holiday Horrors can bring with Mind Chi!

One place you can really feel the strain is the effects of all the FOOD!

Here is the second of the series of articles with practical ideas for managing the Festive Holiday Horrors. The food horror is often not only a couple of days, but several weeks or even months! And the impact may well continue long after it is

all over. I hope this provides some support, reminders and assistance.

2. The FOOD Festive Holiday Horror and the Mind Chi way to overcome

Today we address the issue of how much FOOD is ever present during the holidays.

Meals with family, meals with friends, office parties, friends' parties, coffee

and bun while shopping, fast food on the run and on and on it goes - suddenly

your jeans feel really tight!

In offices, well-meaning people bring boxes of sweets to share, or extra donuts

and they are just sitting there and tempting you all day long.

Then at home there are all the kindly gifts of yet another box of chocolates or

some other something usually with many calories, fats and preservatives sitting

looking at you and each time you pass, it is so easy to just grab one - or two!

Added to this, all the lovingly made meals 'Oh I've been cooking that for you

all day - you MUST have a second helping!' For many, to refuse the food they

made for you is to refuse their 'love' and it is a personal affront.

Or you are doing the cooking and so there is a taste here and a double check

there and you are actually FULL as you sit to eat and still manage to pour food

into you until you are STUFFED!

Further because you are so busy, your exercise schedule, you DO have one, don't you? gets messed up and as we all know, 500 extra calories a day - just one hot chocolate from

a well-known coffee shop - means an extra LARGER size is needed in a month; disaster!

These are not new changes, but they are exacerbated by the frenzy of the seasonal pressures. You can probably add some more FOOD horrors as well. So, what to do?

Mind Chi Festive Holiday Happiness - POWER

You can’t do much to change all that happens out there, however, you CAN make some easy and profound changes for how YOU respond.

First of all remember that YOU have POWER! Repeat (even sing!) 'I have the

POWER!' OK, so now, what are you going to do with it? You may wish to plan

ahead, how about using October and November to work DOWN a size, (maybe put

this idea in your calendar as a reminder for NEXT year) so if eating during the

holidays is what you like, you could put some extra weight on without it being

a problem.

You have the power to PLAN your eating, if you know you have a dinner or party

in the evening, eat lightly during the day and schedule a walk to balance out.

If you don’t have all the junk foods and nibbles in your home, it is not so

easy to eat, so DON'T BUY it! If it is all the temptation at the office have a

dish with pretty carrot sticks and healthy vegetable nibbles to tide you over.

Become comfortable saying ‘No, thank you!’ ever so politely!

Before you eat ANYTHING:

One of the most effective and automatic changes you can make is to do the first

step of the Mind Chi 8 routine, the Breath (breathe in - hold - out and stay

empty, each for 3 seconds). This simple act puts you back in control and STOPS

automatic responses. Ah! NOW you can decide, what do I really want/need to eat?

Try eating mindfully. 'I am here, about to eat this... hmmmm', savour it,

really taste it and often you may find that you have had enough before it is all gone!

Check your Mind Chi BEAT, this is step 5 of the Mind Chi 8 and is an acronym

for: Body, Emotions, Actions and Thoughts (basic CBT). Become aware of your

BODY ask yourself, 'How hungry am I? Starving? Peckish? Satisfied or already stuffed?’

Then change your eating accordingly.

Become aware of your Emotional state. Are you eating because you feel stressed?

Or lonely? Or afraid? Or anxious? Food will only ADD to the problem, not HELP it.

So do your BEAT before you put one morsel into your mouth.

Some other helpful hints:

Always take a SMALL PLATE - you can always go back if you really want / need to.

Eating out? Order a starter, or two instead of the main meal.

And cut the portions in half and push half away. After you have completed half

do your Body check to see if you want/need the other half.

Think: 'If I see it and then eat it, soon I will be wearing it!" Just IMAGINE yourself with

this extra burger stuck on your hips! Not a pretty sight!

Everywhere you look are advertisements and promotions to eat here and have

this. Do not give your POWER to the media, hold onto it and make YOUR decisions

about when and how much you will eat.

You do have the POWER - so KEEP it and USE it by saying, ‘No, thank you!’

To recap, the 8 positive actions for Mind Chi Holiday Happiness to trounce the Horror of FOOD are:

1. Repeatedly sing the 'I have the POWER!' song to remind yourself!

2. Use your power to plan AHEAD and slim down BEFORE the holidays

3. BALANCE your eating – having a big dinner? Then eat less lunch and breakfast

4. If you DON'T BUY it and have it in your home - then you can’t eat it.

5. Do your Mind Chi step 5 - Body - BEAT every time BEFORE you eat ANYTHING

6. Use a SMALLER plate or eat just a starter

7. Eat only half of your portion, then check in to your Body -BEAT

8. Remember how GOOD you feel (and look) when you are at your 'fighting weight'

The Change Maker Group are people who have mastered the skills for managing change.

They too face the constant change and understand your situation. We provide ‘Smart Mirror Coaching’ an on-demand coaching service that may just be what you need to help you through this time.

Please do contact us with any issues where we may be able to

assist email community@thechangemakergroup.com .

Building your resilience in just 8-minutes a day with the Mind Chi routine can also

boost your strength and ability to find joy in the season, here is a free gift

of the 8 Mind Chi steps: http://www.mindchi.com/mind-chi-basic-8-steps/

For Mind Chi sessions and mentoring, please contact Vanda@MindChi.com

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The next article is about the Festive Holiday Horror of RELATIONS!

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