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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Manage the COST changes the Festive Holiday Horrors can bring with Mind Chi!

Here is the first of a series of articles with practical ideas for managing the changes the Holiday Horrors can bring. I hope this provides some support, reminders and assistance.

1. The COST Festive Holiday Horror and the Mind Chi way to overcome

What it COSTS (especially THIS year!)

The pressure from the media to spend, spend, spent is relentless. Shops give 'free' credit as long as you spend a certain amount and until Jan/Feb 2018 when,

BEWARE, a high interest rate cuts in.

There are the expectations from your friends, family and co-workers for gifts.

There is extra food and entertaining, and then what are you going to wear? On and on the costs go.

And your money may be tighter than ever and have to go further than ever

and even worse many of you feel that your jobs are precarious.

Do NOT let yourself be swept away with the buying frenzy.

It is even easier to over-spend on-line, where just a click here and there and

then you are enticed to just add this and that - all painlessly placed on your

credit card or PayPal and delivered to your door - no problem. That is until

you look at your bank balance.

These are not new changes, but they are exacerbated by the frenzy of the seasonal pressures. You can probably add some more COST horrors as well. So, what to do?

Mind Chi Festive Holiday Happiness - STOP!

You can’t do much to change all that happens out there, however, you CAN make some easy and profound changes for how YOU respond. Mind Chi has 8 easy steps, each taking one minute.

The first one is to take a considered BREATH, it is a short cut through all the automatic

functions to allow YOU to regain control of YOU! It pulls you back into yourself, so you do not respond automatically. It allows you to ACT rather than RE-ACT. The BREATH encourages you to be RESPONSIBLE (the ability to respond correctly for you). To make the Mind Chi breath, breathe IN for 3 seconds, hold, breathe out and stay empty, each for 3 seconds. Just doing this 5 times, this makes 1 minute, will change your physiological state and improve your thinking – a very good ROI!

Then start by STOPPING! Yes! Just STOP right there, right now and THINK before you rush headlong into the frenzy of DOING and buying. A little time to take the reins of control NOW will give you MONTHS of happiness later. Well worthwhile. Especially in a work environment where gifts can become a status symbol, work out a Secret Santa for an agreed amount, and all be the happier.

Look at your FINANCIAL BIG PICTURE - that will mean a REAL look at your bank balance.

How much is in there? How long must it last? How much is already on your credit card(s)?

When are you receiving your next pay cheque? Therefore, how much is the MAXIMUM

you can actually spend? This may appear so very basic, yet, many people do not do it.

IF you find you have some pennies to spare (or have saved for this occasion

well done!) then MAKE A LIST of the MOST important people to buy for and the

maximum to be spent on their gifts.

THINK and RESEARCH options and best prices for those gifts, if you must buy, be

on the alert for ‘Groupons’ and sales.

This year everyone will understand if you say, 'Might we agree to skip the gift

giving this year?'

A gift for the person’s birthday - their special day - is more appropriate that

the commercial holiday hype. A gift of your time or (don't shudder) something

you made gets you both off the hook neither of you can afford.

Now, we are not spoil-sports and you may ENJOY the holiday shopping frenzy, if

so decide how much you can spend, this is on frivolous things, not the selected gifts, and take JUST that amount in CASH.

Put the cash somewhere very carefully where it can't be snatched and off you go to the shops and have yourself some fun! STOP when the cash is gone. Forbid yourself to use your card (don't even take it with you!) And RESIST 'If you take out a XXXX card, you'll get 10% off all you have just bought'. Do NOT take up any new credit cards offers.

To recap, the 8 positive actions for Mind Chi Festive Holiday Happiness to overcome the Horror of the COSTs are:

1. STOP! Think before you SPEND any more money. 2. Look at your FINANCIAL BIG PICTURE, how much can you really afford to spend now? 3. Always make a LIST and research best sources for the important gifts. 4. Do your Mind Chi step 1 – Breath as a way to gain control and make your changes. 5. Suggest that you SKIP giving gifts this year - bet they'll love you for it. 6. Only partake of the holiday shopping frenzy with CASH you can afford. 7. Never take out a new CREDIT CARD offered by a shop. 8. Consider a NON-MONETARY gift - time with the person next year; make or do something for them; swap skills - a massage for a meal, etc.

The Change Maker Group are people who have mastered the skills for managing change. They too face the constant change and understand your situation. We provide ‘Smart Mirror Coaching’ an on-demand coaching service that may just be what you need to help you through this time.

Please do contact us with any issues where we may be able to assist email community@thechangemakergroup.com .

Building your resilience in just 8-minutes a day with the Mind Chi routine can also boost your strength and ability to find joy in the season, here is a free gift of the 8 Mind Chi steps: http://www.mindchi.com/mind-chi-basic-8-steps/ For Mind Chi sessions and mentoring, please contact Vanda@MindChi.com

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The next article is about the Festive Holiday Horror of FOOD!

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