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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Manage the changes the Festive Holiday Horrors can bring - with Mind Chi!

The tempo is increasing: are you starting to feel the strain from all the 'holiday' stressors, changes and pressures piling up on you?

Here are a series of articles with practical ideas for managing the Holiday Horrors.

Whatever your religion, whether you participate or not in all the whirlwind of this time, you will directly and indirectly be affected. It is only a couple of days, yet the impact is already felt and may continue long after it is all over. I hope this provides some reminders, support and assistance.

What are the 8 Festive Holiday Horrors?

  1. What it COSTS - especially THIS year!

  2. How much FOOD is about!

  3. Dealing with all these RELATIONS / friends / crowds

  4. How much TIME it all takes!

  5. All the DRINKS available!

  6. Your APPEARANCE for the holidays.

  7. All the TEMPTATION all the time!

  8. All the 'SHOULDs' and 'AUGHTs'. And just when you thought we'd finished, we've added another...

9. Expecting to be the perfect EVERYTHING for everyone. How to have Festive Holiday Happiness with Mind Chi?

1. STOP - yes, just STOP, and think before you spend.

Your Mind Chi step 1 – Breath will radically change the stresses you may feel.

2. You have the POWER to take control of you.

The Mind Chi step 5 – BEAT, Body will reacquaint you with your body before you eat.

3. SAY, ‘NO’ – nicely! Act rather than RE-act.

Mind Chi steps 3 & 4 – Past 24 hours review lets you refine and reward your actions.

4. PUSH BACK - against all the commercial/historic pressures.

The Mind Chi step 7 – Future will enable you to control time with your Being.

5. Remember your ATTITUDE is the only thing you can change to control you.

Mind Chi step 5 – BEAT, Thinking used here allows you to plan ahead.

6. Your SMILE and your body energy are the greatest asset to your appearance.

Mind Chi step 5 – BEAT, Emotions wear the best emotion on your face.

7. Having GRATITUDE in your heart creates contentment, diminishing temptations.

Mind Chi step 8 – Gratitude is taking 1 minute to recall all thankfulness you have.

8. QUESTION all the historic ‘shoulds’ you carry with you, many are out of date!

Use Mind Chi step 2 – FOCUS to clear and control your mind to question well.

And because we have so many more ways to thrive, we've given you a bonus...

9. RE-WIRE YOUR BRAIN with the Mind Chi routine for resilience and flexibility.

The 8-steps taking only 8 minutes are explained here.

We'll be publishing a blog for each of these 9 steps to provide you with lots of ways to manage the changes of the holiday season.

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