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Impactful Change Leadership is our powerful initiative for helping Senior Leadership Teams and Boards identify how best to harness your strengths to facilitate change in your organisations.

Impactful Change Leadership is an exciting proposition. Wouldn't it be great if, within a single day, you could discover how best to utilise your strengths as a leadership team to make change happen within your organisation?

This is precisely what we deliver with our Impactful Change Leadership service. Through a combination of our game-changing tool, The Change Maker Profile, our expert guidance and our unique One Day Workshop, we will identify how your team or board make an impact on change and help you utilise your collective strengths to create a tangible plan of action.

Impactful Change Leadership gives your Senior Leadership Team or Board:

  • Rapid and compelling insight into the impact each member of the team makes on change.

  • A clear understanding of how the team can collectively facilitate change within your organisation.

  • Clarity about the business outcomes your team is likely to deliver.

  • Impactful personal development.

  • A high level roadmap for facilitating change within your organisation.

Impactful Change Leadership requires low investment and minimum senior time commitment while delivering a high business impact.


Our Impactful Change Leadership service requires minimum time commitment and minimum investment for a significant and immediate impact. 

Here's how it works.



Each member of the team takes a 15 minute online questionnaire. From this, we create a comprehensive personal report using The Change Maker Profile. This shows how each individual makes an impact on the leadership and delivery of change.


We provide a 30 minute remote feedback session to each individual, at a time of their choosing, where we help them to understand their Change Maker Profile and its implications on their leadership of and contribution to change.



We deliver a one-day workshop session with your team at your preferred location. Following this, we provide a summary of the key outcomes, a profile of the team and recommendations for ensuring your team can make the best impact on the facilitation of change within your organisation.


Our Impactful Change Leadership service is ideal for busy Senior Leadership Teams or Boards who are experiencing the following issues:

  • External or internal factors requiring the organisation to make change.

  • Lack of clarity about how best to facilitate change through the organisation.

  • There is scope for improving the impact the team makes on change.

We work with medium and large Private Sector organisations, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Public Sector organisations and Charities.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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