Supercharge your Business Analysis career.​
Become a Change Maker.​

The Business Analysis role is changing. As a Business Analyst, you may often find yourself at the forefront of change in your organisation. You are the individual who can bridge the gap between process and people. You are the individual who can make the biggest impact on change. You ARE the Change Maker.

But Change Makers come in different forms. Not every Business Analyst’s impact on Change is the same. Knowing your impact will allow you to maximise your potential as a Business Analyst and become a more effective Change Maker.

But there’s more. It turns out that understanding other people’s impact on Change can allow you to engage them in a way that suits their natural inclinations and allows you to get the best out of them. This allows you to supercharge your ability to get the best out of your stakeholders, project teams and other professional relationships.

At The Change Maker Group our mission is to develop Change Makers across the Globe. Everyone can be a Change Maker, why not you?

So here's the deal.

We want to help you, as a Business Analyst, to become a Change Maker by helping you to identify and understand your personal impact, giving you access to our knowledge and insight and making it possible for you to identify and utilise impact and contribution in the project teams you manage and the stakeholders with whom you engage. 

We have developed an exclusive package for you as an IIBA UK member which is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need to become the most effective Change Maker you can be and therefore, a more powerful Business Analyst.

As an IIBA UK member, we are making this available to you at a preferential cost designed to fit most CPD budgets or to be affordable if you are self-employed.

Why would we do this? It's simple. Our mission is to develop Change Makers everywhere. We see the business analysis community as a crucial component in creating sustainable change within our organisations - we see you as Change Makers and we want to empower you to make the best impact you possibly can.

That is why we have two Development Opportunities for you.

Development Opportunity 1:

Get Knowledge

Get a free chapter from our book "Change Wisdom"

Development Opportunity 2:

Get Power

We have a special offer package for IIBA UK members.


A Change Maker Profile, a personal feedback session and some microlearning content to support you.


All for just £300 + VAT!e 

Development Opportunity 1:

Get Knowledge

Get a free chapter from our #1 bestselling book "Change Wisdom"

Part of being a change maker and a business analysis expert is to read widely and learn as much as you can.

Once aspect of our strategy to achieve our mission of creating a million change makers is to develop our learning, and share our ideas and knowledge widely. We do that by blogging, speaking, writing articles and in December 2017 we published our bestselling book "Change Wisdom" on Amazon globally. 


Development Opportunity 2:

Get Power

Get your own Change Maker Profile, a personal feedback session, and an online microlearning package of supporting information for 1 year.

A Change Maker Profile is not just another psychometric. Powered by The GC Index®, it is a means of determining your personal strengths when working with change, where you can make the best contribution, and where you might seek development. Put it together with colleagues' profiles and you can work out the best way to establish a game-changing team

Our package includes your very own profile, a personal profile report setting out how you make your best contribution (and where you don't), and a personal 30-minute phone/skype feedback and discussion session with one of our change makers.

We will also give you access to a microlearning suite for a year, giving learning materials around what it means to be a change maker, how to interpret The Change Maker Profile, and a curated IIBA UK channel which is updated monthly. All accessible on your phone or browser.



We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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