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Talking to our clients, colleagues, friends and family we know things are tough for everyone right now. We are all going through the change curve that Change Makers so often talk about, and at different rates. We would like to know how you are coping right now. Select the word from the list below that best reflects how you feel. We'll keep taking this temperature test, and report back regularly.


Further down the page you'll find a range of videos we've prepared to help you work from home in these stressful times. Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help in any way.


From 1 June Mind Chi has joined us. Find out more here

What phase on the curve best reflects how you feel? Press SUBMIT to record your answer.

We launched this survey on 3 April 2020. Results vary week by week, still with most people on the upward curve but some slippage to depression and frustration. Results after week 11 are here - please continue to take the survey.

We asked our team how they are feeling and what challenges they are facing. Here are their videos.

If you want to tell us about how you are coping and dealing with the current public health measures, join our Change Makers Network forum here. It would be great to see you.



We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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