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Our Consulting Services

As a Change Consultancy our consulting services are inevitably a substantial element of the bedrock upon which we build our other services. There are a few things that are different about us though.

We exist to achieve our purpose. We create change making capability and help clients deliver successful change. But we will never come along, deliver, and then walk away - we're all about leaving a legacy. At the same time we focus on the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit, using our profits to support the development of Change Makers wherever they are. These people will deliver the change, so we want to help them be the best they can be. Find out more about us.

Working lives are becoming increasingly more complex, and the complexities of delivering change grow exponentially. Any aspect of organisational change is tough, and with the advent of digital transformation and AI, increasing political and social uncertainty, and more traditional business developments such as M&A. The need for effective Change Makers is greater now than it has ever been. This is where we come in.

Our Consulting Services deliver:

  • A people-focused approach to delivering change, using our DELTΔ framework

  • Outcomes focused on your Vision and objectives, not on what we think your objectives should be

  • Change capability in your organisation, with a legacy of enabling people to maximise their impact and contribution in the future

  • Tangible benefits; and

  • across all aspects of change.

And a lot more. Our people have backgrounds across strategic change, Human Resources, leadership and personal development, coaching, communications and engagement, personal resilience and muchmore. We're very easy to work with, so drop us an email or a call.

What is DELTΔ ?

DELTΔ is our way of ensuring that we bring together all of the key people aspects of change. The framework is totally compatible with traditional project and programme management methodologies, but provides the people aspects that these methodologies often leave out. We wanted a simple approach that encapsulates what is important in delivering projects and programmes, large or small, with professional project people or as part of “business as usual”. The complexity lies in the execution of course – but for successful delivery people must be at the heart of all activity.  

We developed our DELTΔ change model to ensure we approach all our assignments with engagement and rigour front of mind. Research has proven that engaged employees are far more likely to deliver sustainable change, so we engage with people early and effectively. Our aim is to give Clients’ people the clarity, capability and the confidence to approach and deliver change effectively thereby future-proofing an organisation's ability to respond to change.


Through our DELTΔ approach we engage, equip and empower people helping them to become change-ready, to be innovative and confident with change and to become a high-performing and continuously-improving team. And deliver the transformation too.


Our Consulting Services are available to any organisation wanting to put people at the heart of change.


We work with medium and large Private Sector organisations, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Public Sector organisations and Charities.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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+44 (0)333 050 9467

227a West St, Fareham

PO16 0HZ, UK

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